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    Lexus IS 300h F Sport Auto review

    By 13 February 2014

    Despite the fact that it is tainted for some by a certain comedy character who resides in Norfolk, it’s a good thing Lexus exists right now. Because since Alfa, Volvo and Saab all but gave up, the IS 300h is about the only genuine alternative to a German...

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    Lexus RC 300h pictures and hands-on

    By 25 November 2013

    You’ve got to hand it to Lexus and its RC 300h, as shown off at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. In German premium brand-obsessed Europe, the Japanese company might be all too easy to overlook. But to have established the brand from scratch less than 30...

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    Lexus IS pictures and hands-on (video)

    By 17 January 2013

    There’s no getting round it. Whatever interesting nuggets we tell you about the features of the new Lexus IS, or however interesting we reckon the car’s general looks are, whether you like it is probably going to come down to what you think of that...

  • Cars 4 out of 5

    Lexus GS450h review

    By 14 June 2012

    It might come as a surprise to learn that this new Lexus GS is actually the fourth generation of the model line. And if you’re lucky enough to have climbed to near the top of the company car tree, this car is rather good news. It not only means there’s...

  • Cars 3 out of 5

    Lexus CT200h SE-I review

    By 20 March 2011

    By 2015, Lexus is aiming to be the first wholly “hybrid” car brand. Bar the odd excursion into exotics, like its supercar LFA - which will remain powered by internal combustion alone - in the mainstream line up, you won’t be able to buy a car from...