Leica X2

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    Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith pictures and hands-on

    By 18 September 2012

    Leica is known for its high-brow cameras almost as much as it is for its limited-edition designer versions. The latest, the Leica X2 "Edition Paul Smith", joins the pricey Leica M9 Hermes as one of Leica's growing limited editions. The Paul Smith version...

  • Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    Leica X2 review

    By 20 July 2012

    The Leica X2 is a bit like the Ferrari of the camera world. It looks gorgeous, has some enviable features, but it’s also extortionately expensive. And it’s that last point that will price it out of most people's reach. How expensive? Try £1575 for...

  • Cameras

    Leica X2 pictures and hands-on

    By 17 May 2012

    There's something about Leica cameras; it's hard to quite put a finger on it. So when Pocket-Lint had the chance to play with a brand new Leica X2 we rushed at the opportunity. Announced last week, the Leica X2, which will replace 2009's X1, adds a new...