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    Leica M-E pictures and hands-on

    By 18 September 2012

    "Leica" and "budget" tend not to be words you see side by side or even in the same sentence. But the Leica M-E rangefinder goes at least some distance to trim back the price of this classic rangefinder series. Is that "E" for economy? Not quite, but here's...

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    Leica M9 Monochrom pictures and hands-on

    By 16 May 2012

    A flurry of Leica launches last week caught our attention, not least thanks to the addition of the Leica M9-M Monochrom - the first rangefinder camera with a dedicated, full-frame black and white sensor. Heck, from what we can recall it's the first non-medium-format...

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    Leica M9-P hands-on

    By 28 July 2011

    The Leica M9 is a very tricky camera to improve upon. That's essentially why Lecia hasn't in the creation of the Leica M9-P, which Pocket-lint had a little play with over at the Leica Store in Mayfair, London. Already the world's smallest full-frame digital...