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  • Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer review
    Tablets 4 out of 5

    Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer review

    By 28 November 2011

    You’ve got your iPad or Android tablet, but what about your kids? According to toy company Leapfrog, your children want a tablet too. But does the LeapPad Explorer, a tablet designed especially for 4-9-year-olds fit the bill, or will they still want...

  • Best gadgets for kids

    Best gadgets for kids

    By 9 August 2011

    While children growing up 50 years ago might have been happy with a set of Bayko, a spinning top or a hobby horse; the kids of today are almost as savvy as adults when it comes to gadgets which is only too evident the moment they get hold of an iPad or...

  • LeapFrog: We want to be major player in iOS and Android

    LeapFrog: We want to be major player in iOS and Android

    By 1 July 2011

    The children of today are more tech savvy than ever before. They’ve got games consoles, iPod touches, iPads, digital cameras, and plenty more at their disposal. Like it or not, while traditional wooden toys can still be found in the playroom, today’s...

  • Pocket-lint Podcast #45

    Pocket-lint Podcast #45

    By 29 June 2011

    It's a pseudo-US special this week as Stuart reports live from New York where he's been playing with the LeapFrog LeapPad tablet for kids, and Rik explains what he was up to at the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan. Dan has had to make do with good old...

  • LeapFrog LeapPad hands-on

    LeapFrog LeapPad hands-on

    By 28 June 2011

    You’ve got an iPad, you love that iPad, trouble is your kids want your iPad too. If that sounds familiar then LeapFrog wants you to be interested in a new toy that’s due out in August and costs £80. Called the LeapPad it’s a tablet just for your...

  • Hamleys' top toys for Christmas 2011

    Hamleys' top toys for Christmas 2011

    By 28 June 2011

    Like nervous turkeys, the tech, toy and entertainment industries have always got one eye on Christmas, and naturally so; it is, after all, the biggest time of year for sales. To be the must-have gadget, game or gizmo nestling in Santa's bulging sack at...

  • Another kid-friendly tablet LeapFrog(s) in

    Another kid-friendly tablet LeapFrog(s) in

    By 17 February 2011

    Following the news we brought you on Wednesday that VTech is planning on bringing out a child-friendly tablet this year, it's only fair that we tell you all about the LeapPad Explorer - LeapFrog's assault at the kiddie tablet market. Like VTech's effort...