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    Hands-on: Panasonic AX802 Freetime TV

    By 13 March 2014

    There's no going back now, Panasonic has stopped production of its plasma TV line. Now, the firm is looking to LCD with LED backlights for its TV range, but the good news is the company is still innovating, and to that end it has introduced the first...

  • Televisions 4.5 out of 5

    Philips 46PFL8007 8000 Series TV review

    By 8 March 2013

    The landscape of TVs has thinned in recent years - and we don't mean the shrinking bezels and ever more slender panels. Pioneer vanished from the fold yonks back and Philips announced in January that it was to stop making its TVs and turn over everything...

  • Televisions 5 out of 5

    Philips 46PFL9707 review

    By 12 November 2012

    Traditionally - and entirely understandably - moths and televisions haven’t had that much in common. Surprisingly, though, the moth and TV worlds suddenly came together in spectacular fashion at the end of 2011 when Philips realised that reproducing...

  • Televisions 4 out of 5

    LG 55LM960V LED-backlit LCD TV review

    By 11 June 2012

    LG’s top-tier LCD TV, the extra large 55-inch version of the LM960V series in this case, has a dual-core processor and passive 3D system to add to its headline Nano LED-backlight technology. But can it cut the mustard when considering the likes of Sony’s...

  • Televisions 4.5 out of 5

    Panasonic TX-L32E5 review

    By 15 May 2012

    It might not manage three dimensions, but this 32-inch LED edge-lit LCD telly boasts both decent smart TV antics and digital file networking – all wrapped-up in a slinky chassis. Entry-level it may be, but this particular Panasonic helps redefine the...

  • Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7-40 review

    By 26 March 2012

    Would you pay ten grand for a telly? Of course you wouldn't, but ask someone at Bang & Olufsen what brands they're up against and they're more likely to utter Jaguar, Swaroski and Rolex than Samsung, LG or Sony. The Danish brand operates in a very limited...

  • Home Cinema 3 out of 5

    Hannspree SE40LMNB review

    By 26 January 2012

    Can a telly that lacks Freeview HD, 3D and any semblance of a 'smart' platform really be considered suitable for modern living? That depends on what you're after, but we're sure Hannspree's latest bargain basement edge LED-backlit LCD TV has enough to...

  • Home Cinema 4.5 out of 5

    Samsung UE40D6530 review

    By 11 November 2011

    Between the two of us, we've fallen a little bit in love with Samsung’s D6530. Maybe it’s the way it doesn’t try too hard to look gorgeous, or the seductive silkiness of its blacks. Whatever the reason for its magnetic allure, we just want to sit...

  • Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Sony KDL-37EX524 review

    By 10 November 2011

    Another measured attempt by Sony, this time in the increasingly rare, but popular with consumers, 37-inch size. It sits slap bang in the middle of the company's impressive, and popular, Essential EX range. Forget 3D – it's not on offer here. Just shy...

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    LG LW980T Cinema 3D pictures and hands-on

    By 3 September 2011

    With such as aggressive stance against the active shutter 3D system, it came as no surprise when LG’s much-touted flagship flat screen TV was fitted with the brand’s Cinema 3D tech. The IFA announcement sees LG producing only plasma-flavoured active...

  • Home Cinema 4.5 out of 5

    Sony KDL-32CX523 review

    By 3 May 2011

    Sony is back with one of its first offerings for 2011, and it’s a budget belter. Lacking any kind of upmarket panel tech, you’ll have to make do with regular LCD (no sign of any LED backlighting here), but elsewhere there are plenty of features to...

  • Home Cinema 4.5 out of 5

    Samsung UE55D8000 review

    By 15 March 2011

    With no immediate replacement for the extraordinarily over-engineered 9000 Series on the horizon, Samsung’s waif-thin Series 8 models have become the new LED flag wavers for the brand. At first glance the models look rather similar, but the new Series...

  • Home Cinema 4.5 out of 5

    Philips 40PFL9705 review

    By 20 December 2010

    Can a TV be considered high-end if it has no Freeview HD tuner? Clocking in at just shy of £2000, Philips’ latest may lack the latest free high-def TV channels, but combines 3D and pin-sharp Blu-ray pictures with Ambilight and Net TV to create a stunning...

  • Televisions 4.5 out of 5

    Panasonic TX-L32X20 review

    By 29 November 2010

    It’s gotta be LED, right? Unless you’re the vain type and only after the slimmest screens around, the trend to LED-backlit LCD TVs is one to be avoided if this 32-incher is anything to go by. Part of Panasonic’s X20 Series, the TX-L32X20 trades...

  • Televisions 4.5 out of 5

    Panasonic TX-L19D28 review

    By 25 November 2010

    Available in white or purple, this 19-inch LED-backlit from Panasonic is a serious attempt at a high-end screen - and at this size that’s rare indeed. You’ll have to part with almost £400 for the privilege, but get your hands on the TX-L19D28 and...