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    Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50° pictures and eyes-on

    By 29 April 2013

    Happy Birthday to Lamborghini from all of us at Pocket-lint. The company that’s forever trying to kick sand in Ferrari’s face is celebrating 50 years of car-making this year. And as a birthday present to itself, at the Shanghai auto show this weekend...

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    Lamborghini Veneno pictures and eyes-on

    By 6 March 2013

    Lamborghini has always had an amusing relationship with Ferrari. It was set up by a man who built tractors because he got annoyed with old-man Ferrari’s less than bothered attitude towards fixing his personal Ferrari when it broke. And ever since, the...

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    The cars of the 2011 Geneva motor show

    By 6 March 2011

    Pocket-lint's been at the international motor show in Geneva this week, where countless new production and concept cars have been unveiled. As car manufacturers increasingly use technology as a key selling point, we pick out some of the stand-out cars...