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    Kyocera Torque pictures and hands-on

    By 3 March 2013

    If it's tough enough for Bear Grylls, it has got to be tough enough for us, right? We caught up with the Kyocera Torque at Mobile World Congress to see if the Torque really is as tough as it claims to be. The Torque is an "ultra-rugged" 4G LTE Android...

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    First Look: Sprint Kyocera Echo review

    By 8 February 2011

    At an exclusive event in New York City, Sprint and Kyocera announced the first dual-screen smartphone running on Android, the Echo. The Android-powered device is the first smartphone comprised of two 3.5-inch 800x480 touchscreen displays connected by...

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    Contax U4R review

    By 24 January 2005

    It's me, well it must be, Contax don't make rubbishy cameras, they're up on the same photographic Mount Olympus as Leica. When the shutter falls on a Contax camera an angel beats its wings over your photograph and your image is blessed. Or at least that's...