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    APP OF THE DAY: iTunes Festival 2012 review (iPad / iPhone / iPod touch)

    By 28 August 2012

    Festival season, as in standing in the middle of a field getting p***ed on by both the rain and other means, is almost over for another year, but Apple plans to extend the merriment with a late showing for its annual iTunes Festival. Moved from July...

  • Online

    Amazon Cloud Player on Cloud Drive hands-on

    By 26 April 2011

    Amazon's Cloud Drive promises to let you store you music remotely and then stream it back to yourself wherever you are, but it is really that simple? We take a closer look at the new service to see whether it’s something that you should be getting...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 14: iTunes 12 Days of Christmas

    By 14 December 2010

    Yes, it's the time you've all been waiting for. No longer will you have to pace the room, twiddling your thumbs, looking anxiously at the clock wondering, hoping and longing that Apple will announce its answer to all the sadness and worries of the world....

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    App of the Day - The Good Pub Guide 2011 (iPhone)

    By 10 November 2010

    Here at Pocket-lint, we see a huge selection of new apps coming in every week across every format under the sun. There are plenty of daft yet addictive apps around, as anyone who has played Angry Birds can tell you, but there are also lots that provide...

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    APP OF THE DAY - Freeview HD

    By 20 August 2010

    Some things in life are pretty much dead certs, unquestionable truths if you will: the sun rises and sets, throw a ball into the air and gravity will do its best to drag it back down to earth, the moon is made of cheese, and App Of The Day will bring...