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    iRiver announces specs for its PMP100 Personal Media Centre

    By 27 May 2004

    IRiver has announced its specs for its Personal Media Centre. Amongst other things the player will feature a 3.5-inch colour display and offer 4-5 hours of playback on one charge. - 3.5" TFT Color Display - 4 - 5 hours of video Playback - Video - AVI,...

  • iriver HP-120 MP3 Player review
    Audio 3.5 out of 5

    iriver HP-120 MP3 Player review

    By 13 November 2003

    The 20Gb MP3 player from I-River is a stylish device coming from a long line of hard disk-based players. While the name means absolutely nothing to us folk in the UK, readers from the States will recognise the household name. The unit’s the size of...