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    Apple iPod nano (2012) 7th generation review

    By 2 November 2012

    In some ways, the iPod nano is Apple's most difficult child. Not because it's a bad product, on the contrary, it's a great idea, sensibly priced and with the all the features you might reasonably want in a basic MP3 player. What's more, it sells well...

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    Apple iPod nano pictures and hands-on

    By 12 September 2012

    Apple has reinvented its iPod nano for the seventh generation of the minute media player. Gone is the square form factor, and in its place is the first widescreen multi-touch display in the gadget's history. When picked up, while not fragile, the new...

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    Wrist wear your nano with the Griffin Courier Band

    By 4 April 2011

    When Steve Jobs first suggested that you could wear the new iPod nano as a watch, we were belly laughing for a week. But when Griffin pressed one of their new Courier Bands into our cynical mitts, we thought we’d have to do the right thing and give...

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    Apple iPod nano 6G review

    By 22 September 2010

    Of all the iPod refreshes made at Apple's September update, the iPod nano has seen the most drastic change. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by this. We'd seen details of a small touchscreen as far back as July so the move to touch on the iPod nano was...

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    First Look: Apple iPod nano review

    By 2 September 2010

    Of all the devices that Apple refreshed at its September music event, it is the iPod nano that has had the most extreme makeover. Gone are the controls and the elongated screen, and in comes a square touchscreen design in its place. We got our hands on...

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    Apple iPod nano (5th Gen) review

    By 14 September 2009

    With no Beatles, no camera in the touch and no axing of the classic, the biggest announcement of Apple's 09.09.09 press conference was the 5th generation iPod nano, and even that was nearly overshadowed by the return of Steve Jobs. Very little has changed...

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    Apple iPod nano 5th gen - First Look review

    By 9 September 2009

    Apple has refreshed its entire iPod range in an event in San Francisco, but the model which saw the most new features was the iPod nano. It's been given both hardware and software overhaul in an attempt to make it appeal to a wider market beyond just...

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    Apple iPod nano (4th Gen) review

    By 24 September 2008

    The nano returns to similar dimensions as the first and second generation models, with the third-gen fatty looking and feeling more like a mistake. In fact, sitting alongside the original nano, you aren’t struck by how different the fourth-gen is, but...