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  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    Humax Tivizen TV review

    By 27 March 2012

    There are various ways to watch TV on your iOS device, or Android phone or tablet but there aren't any that match the simplicity or convenience of Freeview on a normal TV. The Humax Tivizen aims to help with that, offering a DVB-T (read Freeview) receiver...

  • Audio

    Soul Party in Box pictures and hands-on

    By 17 January 2012

    Everybody who's anybody in the hip hop scene these days has a company churning out headphones with their name on them. Actor/rapper Christopher Brian Bridges, aka Ludacris, (see what he did there?) is no exception and has been the man behind Soul Electronics...

  • Audio 4 out of 5

    Philips Fidelio DS7700 review

    By 15 August 2011

    We've seen plenty of iPod speakers at Pocket-lint towers from affordable products like the Memorex PurePlay through to high-end speakers like the B&W Zeppelin Air, but we're gradually starting to see more iPad docks emerging as well. Designed specifically...

  • Online

    Wrist wear your nano with the Griffin Courier Band

    By 4 April 2011

    When Steve Jobs first suggested that you could wear the new iPod nano as a watch, we were belly laughing for a week. But when Griffin pressed one of their new Courier Bands into our cynical mitts, we thought we’d have to do the right thing and give...

  • Audio

    Blue Microphones Mikey hands on

    By 4 February 2011

    The scene is set: you have a huge wad of tunes on your Apple iPod and love every one of them, you are inspired and start thinking that you could be just as creative in the music department as any Justin Bieber or Girls Aloud. So what do you do? The first...

  • Online 3 out of 5

    Sprint ZTE Peel review

    By 7 December 2010

    The Sprint ZTE Peel, $79.99, is an accessory that ends the fruitless search for Wi-Fi by turning an Apple iPod touch into its own mobile hotspot on Sprint’s 3G network. Each gigabyte of data will cost $29.99 per month, with additional charges incurred...

  • Audio

    Midland SubZero ears on (or in rather)

    By 6 December 2010

    When we first got wind of the Midland SubZero headphones, we thought that they sounded like a rather nifty little idea, especially given the freakishly cold weather that we're experiencing in Blighty at the moment. And, with the cold snap seeming set...

  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Philips SHN6000 headphones review

    By 19 August 2010

    Philips have stepped into the world of noise cancellation with the SHN6000 headphones, a set designed specifically for your iPod. But will they blissfully cut out the world around you so you can enjoy your tunes in peace? Or are too many compromises made...

  • Audio 3 out of 5

    Griffin iTrip FM transmitter with iPhone app review

    By 13 November 2009

    You've got days of music stored on your iPhone or iPod, the trouble is once you get in your car you're left with hunting around for a CD or even what's on the radio to remove the drone of the road. In steps the iTrip, improved and enhanced from its first...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Griffin Simplifi dock review

    By 28 October 2009

    So you've got an iPhone (who hasn't) and you know that it's probably the worst device on the planet for actually lasting longer than a couple of hours without needing a charge. In steps the Griffin Simplifi, an iPhone/iPod docking station that is designed...

  • Audio 3 out of 5

    Griffin iTrip AutoPilot iPod car kit review

    By 23 January 2009

    There was a time when getting an FM transmitter for your iPod was something of a challenge. Now you have more choices than you could possibly want. Can the iTrip AutoPilot from Griffin impress? The iTrip AutoPilot is a single cable solution, running from...

  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Logic3 i-Station25 iPod dock review

    By 16 January 2009

    Another day, another iPod dock. Logic3 has turned up with yet another accessory for the world's most famous line of media players and this time the focus is on video playback, thanks to its unique built-in accelerometer. This works alongside the accelerometer...

  • Audio 3 out of 5

    GEAR4 ProControl AV iPod dock review

    By 11 December 2008

    There are bags of iPod accessories out there but a dock is arguably one of the most useful, allowing you to plant your iPod in place to synchronise it with iTunes, charge it when not in use and send your tunes to a beefy stereo system. Some, like Gear4’s...

  • Gadgets 1.5 out of 5

    Vuzix iWear AV230 XL video glasses review

    By 8 December 2008

    While screens on your mobile phone or MP3 player are getting bigger, they are still incredibly small when it comes to watching content on. Vuzix believes the answer is a pair of sunglasses with a built-in TV screen. Like the company's previous models...

  • Audio 3 out of 5

    Gear4 CarDock FM "Follow Me" transmitter review

    By 17 October 2008

    If you’re not willing or able to invest in a more permanent way to listen to an iPod through a car stereo then your best option is to pick up an FM transmitter. Experts are often reluctant to recommend such devices due to problems with interference...