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  • Logitech unveils S315i and S125i iPod docks

    Logitech unveils S315i and S125i iPod docks

    By 12 August 2009

    Logitech has announced a couple of iPod docks in a post on its blog. The company's global product marketing manager for Digital Music, Doug Ebert, has detailed two new products - the S315i and S125i. The S315i is a rechargable speaker that focuses on...

  • TomTom for iPhone priced by retailer

    TomTom for iPhone priced by retailer

    By 6 August 2009

    A UK-based retailer has leaked pricing for TomTom's iPhone car kit-based satnav solution. The as-yet officially unconfirmed price has been pegged at £113.85 by Handtec.com. This cost covers the hardware - the windscreen docking station that offers a...

  • Mirror and privacy display films launch for iPhone

    Mirror and privacy display films launch for iPhone

    By 20 July 2009

    As well as a clear option, PhoneDevil.com is offering new screen protectors for iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3GSes that in one instance shields your phone's screen from prying eyes and in the other, doubles as a mirror. The Magic Screen mirror edition film claims...

  • OWLE adds "BUBO" video grip to the iPhone

    OWLE adds "BUBO" video grip to the iPhone

    By 7 July 2009

    If you're enjoying your iPhone 3GS videos, you'll have no doubt found that keeping your hand steady while filming is one of the biggest challenges. A company called OWLE, Optical Widgets For Life Enhancement, has the answer. It's called the BUBO, and...

  • Belkin offers 80s-inspired iPod cases

    Belkin offers 80s-inspired iPod cases

    By 24 June 2009

    If you're currently sporting white sunglasses, shoulder pads and at least one neon garment, then it's likely you're the target audience for Belkin's new range of cases it's offering for Apple products. Belkin has come over all Eighties with its latest...

  • iPhone GameBone Pro introduced by 22Moo

    iPhone GameBone Pro introduced by 22Moo

    By 23 June 2009

    If you're a big iPhone gamer, you'll surely be at least a little irritated by the touchscreen controls on some of the more arcade-y titles. Well, 22Moo has the solution. The GameBone Pro. It has produced a bone-shaped Bluetooth control pad for the handheld,...

  • iPhone stencil kit offered

    iPhone stencil kit offered

    By 15 June 2009

    Aimed at iPhone designers, we think this iPhone stencil may find its way into the stationery kits of fanatical fans too. The Design Commission that sells the device says: "Quickly sketch out iPhone UI prototypes. Brainstorm your application ideas using...

  • Griffin announces Reveal iPhone case

    Griffin announces Reveal iPhone case

    By 11 June 2009

    Griffin has announced the launch of the "Reveal", describing it as its thinnest iPhone case yet. Adding just over a millimetre to the thickness of the iPhone 3G or 3G S, its one-piece design claims to fit snuggly, and protect the device, while "slim rubber...

  • Wowwee Cinemin Swivel gets UK launch
    Home Cinema

    Wowwee Cinemin Swivel gets UK launch

    By 1 June 2009

    The first of Wowwee's iPod-compatible multimedia pico projectors powered by Texas Instruments' DLP Technology has been announced for launch in the UK. A CES launch from earlier this year, the Cinemin "Swivel" pico projector will go on sale in the UK in...

  • GEAR4 ChargeDock announced

    GEAR4 ChargeDock announced

    By 27 May 2009

    GEAR4 has announced another new product, the ChargeDock, describing it as a "great looking and superbly functional home docking station for iPod and iPhone". The ChargeDock claims to include all you need to sync and charge both your iPod and iPhone wherever...

  • Pure launches Sirocco 150

    Pure launches Sirocco 150

    By 18 May 2009

    Pure has announced what it says is the world's first "Works with iPhone" DAB micro system, the Sirocco 150, described as a fully featured DAB/FM digital sound system with CD, SD, USB and iPod dock. The Sirocco 150 comes with a matching black and silver...

  • Apple discontinues iPhone Bluetooth headset

    Apple discontinues iPhone Bluetooth headset

    By 23 March 2009

    Apple has discontinued its own-brand iPhone Bluetooth headset. Although the likely reason for the discontinuation is a product update when the rumoured next-gen iPhone launches in June, AppleInsider suggests another possibility. The site reports that...

  • Onkyo unveils 2009 line-up
    Home Cinema

    Onkyo unveils 2009 line-up

    By 19 March 2009

    Onkyo has introduced its new line of receivers, home cinema packages and iPod-compatible accessories for 2009, promising improved performance, new features and value for money. Leading the wave of new introductions are four new budget to midrange home...

  • iPhone cleaning kit launches

    iPhone cleaning kit launches

    By 12 March 2009

    Firebox is offering the grandly named "Procare Mobile Touch Screen Cleaning Kit". Said to be the world's first "wet cleaning" system for touchscreen gadgets, Firebox promises it will keep your smartphone, iPhone, PSP or whatever "looking like it's just...

  • Logic3 launches ProDock

    Logic3 launches ProDock

    By 24 February 2009

    Logic3 has launched the "ProDock", the latest in its range of docking stations for Apple's iPhone and iPod. This unit allows users to watch their video or movies on a large screen, controlled by the remote included. The ProDock offers two video outputs,...

  • Philips iPhone dock unveiled

    Philips iPhone dock unveiled

    By 23 February 2009

    Philips has taken a step back from its range of MP3 players and PMPs to develop a docking station for the Apple iPhone. The Philips DC350 allows iPhone users to dock their iPhone at the same time as charging and playing back music tracks, it will also...

  • TuffCharge Solar iPhone battery launches

    TuffCharge Solar iPhone battery launches

    By 17 February 2009

    Freeplay - those guys with the wind-up radios - have shown off a collection of new products at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The TuffCharge Solar is a neat case that you slide your iPhone into, providing plenty of extra protection whilst also giving...

  • Mophie launches Juice Pack Air

    Mophie launches Juice Pack Air

    By 13 February 2009

    Mophie has launched the new Juice Pack Air, an Apple-certified external battery for the iPhone 3G, which also doubles up as a protective case. The Juice Pack Air is the world's thinnest "certified" external battery for iPhone 3G, and will provide you...

  • BluePack iPhone charger launches

    BluePack iPhone charger launches

    By 2 February 2009

    Firebox is offering the BluePack iPhone and iPod charger, describing the device as a "stylish pocket-sized battery pack". For all iAddicts, the gadget has a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery that claims to offer up to 250 hours of extra standby time,...

  • Parrot's Zikmu by Starck speakers announced for UK

    Parrot's Zikmu by Starck speakers announced for UK

    By 29 January 2009

    Parrot's latest designer-themed effort, the Parrot by Philippe Starck speakers unveiled in the States at the start of the year, have been announced for a UK launch. With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, the "Zikmu" wireless speakers work with iPods,...

  • Edifier launches Luna 5 iSpeaker

    Edifier launches Luna 5 iSpeaker

    By 19 January 2009

    Edifier has announced the launch of the latest addition to its lifestyle audio range, the Luna 5. Described as a "statement of design excellence" the Luna 5 can playback music from iPods, iPhones, other MP3 players via aux input and boasts an FM tuner....

  • QDOS launches Jet Pen stylus for the iPhone

    QDOS launches Jet Pen stylus for the iPhone

    By 13 January 2009

    QDOS has announced the launch of the new Jet Pen stylus designed for the iPhone 3G and iPod touch. The pen is supposed to emulate the action of fingertips allowing for greater speed when typing as well as precision and accuracy. The Jet Pen stylus is...

  • Griffin launches iPhone accessories

    Griffin launches iPhone accessories

    By 6 January 2009

    Griffin has announced three new products for iPod and iPhone users at the annual Macworld conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. SmartTalk Bluetooth, Navigate and PowerBlock Reserve are all due to be available in the UK later in the year and promise...

  • Logitech launches MetroFi earphones

    Logitech launches MetroFi earphones

    By 5 January 2009

    In the States, Logitech has announced two new additions to its MetroFi line of Ultimate Ears by Logitech earphones. The new MetroFi 170 and MetroFi 220 noise-isolating earphones claim to deliver "customised comfort that's perfect for listening to music...

  • Apple's iGlove patent revealed

    Apple's iGlove patent revealed

    By 2 January 2009

    Good news for iPhone owners in colder climes, it's been revealed that Apple has previously filed a patent for what's effectively a pair of "iGloves". Originally filed a day before the original iPhone's launch, the patent covers a means of using a multi-touch...