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  • Tablets 5 out of 5

    iPad mini with Retina display review

    By 25 November 2013

    The iPad mini Retina is here and it clears up one of the biggest complaints about the original iPad mini: the screen. With the original it wasn't as good as the iPad or the iPhone, but with the Retina display now on board the iPad mini 2 looks to be an...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Twelve South HiRise stand for iPhone 5 & iPad mini review

    By 2 October 2013

    Charging your iPhone at your desk should be an easy experience. Not that it's hard to connect the device to a charger by any means, but when you're working, you should be able to access information as it pours in. You don't necessarily want to take your...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Apple iOS 7 review

    By 18 September 2013

    Apple's new operating system, iOS 7, is finally here. Designed by Apple senior VP of design, Jony Ive, it promises a brave new world for Apple users. It's one that ditches the so called "skeuomorphism" - where a design object represents itself by a real-world...

  • Tablets 4 out of 5

    Logitech Keyboard Folio mini for iPad mini review

    By 27 August 2013

    The iPad mini is great - we know that already - but when it comes to typing it's not so fantastic. Logitech believes it has the answer with the Keyboard Folio mini for iPad mini, a keyboard-meets-case design that turns your Apple mini tablet into more...

  • Tablets 4 out of 5

    Nexus 7 review (2013)

    By 1 August 2013

    People claim to buy different tablets for different purposes. Some want a brilliant display and powerful chip for gaming, while others want a smaller display and decent specs for simply reading eBooks. However, there is also that group of people who just...

  • Tablets

    Lifeproof Fre for iPad mini case pictures and hands-on

    By 19 July 2013

    With the summer in full swing, you want to be spending more time in the pool, on the beach, on your boat, even just hanging with your kids in their paddling pool. The problem is the iPad mini isn't very waterp friendly and unless you've got a tablet like...

  • Tablets 4 out of 5

    Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad mini review

    By 19 April 2013

    Logitech has long made a thin keyboard bolt-on case come accessory for the regular iPad, but can the same concept work for the iPad mini? We found out with the latest offering from the mouse and keyboard maker. Design Like the iPad Ultrathin Keyboard...

  • Tablets

    ZaggKeys Mini 7 iPad mini keyboard case pictures and hands-on

    By 15 January 2013

    Zagg is best known for its ZShield scratch-proof gadget wrap, but the company also does some really great cases. The most exciting has to be the ZaggKeys Mini 7, designed to add a portable keyboard and case to your iPad mini or other 7-inch tablet. The...

  • Apps

    APP OF THE DAY: Spider: The secret of Bryce Manor review (iOS)

    By 7 November 2012

    Spider: The secret of Bryce Manor, gets back to basics. It reminds us what made apps so great in the first place, giving you a simple pick up and play game that you can enjoy for five minutes or for an hour. It is also free right now on the App Store,...

  • Tablets 5 out of 5

    Apple iPad mini review

    By 6 November 2012

    Is it a small iPad or a big iPhone or is the iPad mini a device that forges a whole new market for Apple? They're legitimate questions, but the truth is, it's all of the above.  We've been thinking about all this for a while now, it started with the...

  • Tablets

    New iPad mini cases pictured as manufacturers prepare for launch, strange new rear hole appears

    By 19 September 2012

    Apple accessory manufacturers are ramping up production in anticipation of the arrival of the iPad mini some time before Christmas. Australian case, cover and bag company Toffee has led the charge by showing two of its leather-finished numbers to Pocket-lint...