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    Philips M1X-DJ sound system, we go in the mix with the Armin Van Buuren all-in-one

    By 6 September 2013

    DJ gear is a big deal. There was a point when turntables were outselling guitars. But in the digital age it's all changed. Rarely do vinyl records grace the platters and digital apps are taking over. Seeing its potential market, Philips has teamed up...

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    Hands-on: SoundFreaq Sound Stack review

    By 17 July 2012

    At its most basic level, SoundFreaq's Sound Stack is an iPad, iPod and iPhone dock that's not too extravagant in the looks department and, thus, would sit happily anywhere in your home. However, start to run down the features list and you'll see that...

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    Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A3 pictures and hands-on

    By 2 May 2012

    Pocket-lint went to see Bang & Olufsen release a new TV and got a "one more thing" from the Danish company's CEO and president Tue Mantoni that Steve Jobs would have been proud of. B&O is to increase its iPad dock range (which currently consists of the...