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  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Hitman Go review

    By 17 April 2014

    Square Enix has been clever in utilising its rich heritage of intellectual properties in the last couple of years. Not only has it managed to breathe new life into old characters and franchises, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the Tomb Raider reboot,...

  • Apps

    Monument Valley review (iPad/iPhone)

    By 8 April 2014

    It's rare that you see a game for £2.49 in the App store. It's a also rare that you see a game in the Apple App store that isn't about continuous play or sucking your bank account dry with in-app purchases, ways to complete the level with little effort,...

  • Gaming

    Hands-on: Monster Legacy review

    By 20 March 2014

    If the thought of doing battle with an army of cute-yet-deadly monsters to save a leafy world from dark forces piques your interest then Monster Legacy could be for you. Unlike many other titles in this RPG class Monster Legacy works on a free model where...

  • Apps 5 out of 5

    SwiftKey Note review

    By 30 January 2014

    "I am writing this using SwiftKey on the iPad mini." Yes, you read that correctly - SwiftKey on an Apple device. If you’re wondering how the predictive keyboard software has made its way from Android to Apple, then, no, it's not magic. SwiftKey Note,...

  • Gadgets 4 out of 5

    Angry Birds Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway Set review

    By 17 December 2013

    "Get off that iPad" - a phrase that probably any parent who has kids will find themselves shouting more than once a day, especially over the school holidays. But it's Christmas, a time for gifting, so here's an excuse to keep them out of the digital domain:...

  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (iPhone & iPad) review

    By 13 December 2013

    On the memories. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the 2004 classic that kept students from lectures, parents from work and players the world over hours-deep into gun-toting and generally mad cap antics. The era of PlayStation 2 may be over - but San...

  • Gadgets

    'Smart coffee' via iPad: We make our favourite cup using a Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Bluetooth prototype

    By 9 September 2013

    Coffee is a fiddly business. The wrong beans, too much milk, not enough foam, bad crema, and all that stuff. We all have our favourite cup and now Philips has revealed a way it thinks you can get it just right each and every time. The answer? An iPad...

  • Cameras

    Ricoh Theta hands-on: we explore Ricoh's 360-degree, app-controllable camera

    By 7 September 2013

    The Ricoh Theta is a camera with a single purpose: it takes 360-degree panoramas and stitches them into spherical, navigable files within a few seconds. But there's no screen on this device, just two protruding wide-angle lenses that make it look like...

  • Apps 5 out of 5

    Sprinkle Islands review

    By 29 August 2013

    Did you ever play Sprinkle? It's the game where you use a water cannon mounted on a crane to adjust its height and angle to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and do a host of different things to solve puzzles throughout increasingly difficult levels....

  • Apps 5 out of 5

    Plants vs Zombies 2 review

    By 15 August 2013

    Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular gaming apps ever released. And for good reason: it's so good that you'll want to eat your own brain. Popcap, the title's developer, has been gobbled up by publishing giant EA since the original game's app-format...

  • Apps

    App of the day: Fill More! review (iPhone)

    By 6 August 2013

    If you've played the classic game Filler then Fill More! will be familiar territory. This modern-day mobile device adaptation is based loosely around a command and conquer theme that feels like playing a digital board game. Fill More! is a strategic turn-based...

  • Apps

    App of the day: Compulsive review (iPhone)

    By 30 July 2013

    Sometimes simple is best and Compulsive - the colour-matching puzzle game that's against the clock - is as stripped-back as they come. Few ingredients make for the perfect taste though and even the game's title rings true in a self-declaration of truth:...

  • Apps

    App of the day: Sewer Wars review (iPhone)

    By 23 July 2013

    Sewer Wars - and we're talking about the underground pipes, not needle and thread - is a side-scrolling platform game that's all about fast reactions and staying afloat for as long as you can. Despite the game sounding suggestive of those kinds of things...

  • Apps

    App of the day: Flight Finder review (iPhone)

    By 19 July 2013

    Until someone invents teleportation, or Elon Musk works out how to build those fancy pneumatic tubes he's decided will be the future of global travel, we're stuck using planes. Although it's not really aircraft that are the problem, it's airports. These...

  • Apps

    App of the day: Icebreaker - A Viking Voyage HD review (iPad)

    By 16 July 2013

    Rovio's Angry Birds is one of the best selling, and probably most played games in the app store, but every time it tries to do something other than birds being catapulted through the skies it usually fails after the initial first-week excitement. This...