Instant messaging


Mobile network 3 to provide Windows Live Messenger for free

By 30 October 2006

Mobile network provider 3 has announced that its members can now use Windows Live Messenger for free. Taking stock of the number of messages sent through the MSN service since August, 3 found that over 100 million had been transmitted and received, which... >>

Researchers develop morphing software for image-based emoticons

By 4 October 2006

Researchers at Bournemouth University have developed software that changes a photo of a person’s face to create emoticons for instant messaging. The idea is that emoticons that show people’s facial expressions will be enriching to the chat experience.... >>

Google Talk now free to all

Google Talk now free to all

By 29 September 2006

Google has announced that it is now making its Google Talk instant messaging service free for all. Previously the search engine had restricted its use to Gmail account users only, however from today anyone is able to use the service to talk to others... >>

Microsoft releases first Universal application: Messenger for Mac 6.0

Microsoft releases first Universal application: Messenger for Mac 6.0

By 28 September 2006

Microsoft has released its first Universal application: Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0. The new version, which works on both Intel and the company's older machines adds a number of new features to the instant messenger software. New features include... >>

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger start to chat

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger start to chat

By 27 September 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft are knitting their networks more tightly together as they announce that Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger are now connected. The new joint instant messaging community forms the world’s largest IM network with nearly 350... >>

New worm spreads through AOL Instant Messenger

By 20 September 2006

Computer security analyst FaceTime has found a nasty hack that uses AOL Instant Messenger to install malware on targeted computers. The worm, called W32.pipeline, conceals itself by looking like a harmless Jpeg that a known online buddy sends with the... >>

Microsoft teams up with law enforcement to protect kids on IM

By 21 August 2006

Microsoft has developed a new safety feature in its instant messenger services to make it easier for children and adults to report suspicious behaviour. One click from the instant messenger window lets users report to police if they’re concerned that... >>

Yahoo and Microsoft join forces in messaging pact

By 13 July 2006

Yahoo! and Microsoft are making their instant messaging systems capable of communicating with each other to create a communications platform with some 350 million user accounts. The interoperability — the first of its kind between two distinct, global... >>

Availbot is a more lively way to see who's online

Availbot is a more lively way to see who's online

By 28 June 2006

Looking for something to plug into your extra USB socket? Look no further: the design shop Schulze and Webb bring you the Availbot. Designed by a graduate of the RCA's Interaction Design programme, the Availbot is a little figure that resembles a Lego... >>

Mobile network 3 unveils new low-price Mobile Mail service

By 22 June 2006

The mobile network 3 is launching two new mobile email services for consumers as well as business users, to make it easier and cheaper for customers to check mail on the go. The new services make use of "pushmail", where email is delivered to your regular... >>