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    Instagram Direct hands-on: Facebook's pursuit of Snapchat

    By 12 December 2013

    Facebook-owned Instagram sits at 150 million users and looks to create the ultimate multimedia experience on mobile, borrowing from other services in the process. When Vine came on the scene in spring 2013, Instagram was quick to add videos too. Now...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Flickr review (Android and iPhone)

    By 19 December 2012

    So, Instagram is dead, basically. Facebook may have backed-down on its stance that it can pretty much do what the hell it wants with your photos, but we all know that the company is, at a cellular level, incapable of respecting your privacy. So, the hunt...

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    Instagram for Android lands, we go hands-on

    By 3 April 2012

    Instagram, the darling app of the iPhone world, has finally arrived on Android. Turning up on the Google Play store relatively unannounced, the new application lets Android users share retro-style images.  Incorporating all that "new age fun with a...