INQ Cloud Touch

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    INQ Cloud Touch review

    By 18 April 2011

    The INQ Cloud Touch is a new generation in social mobile from the small UK company who practically invented the connected mobile social experience before everyone else jumped on board. These days there is no shortage of social integration across all mobile...

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    INQ Cloud Touch: Android at its core, Facebook in its heart

    By 9 February 2011

    The INQ Cloud Touch, the Facebook-centric Android phone has now been confirmed, putting to rest a rumour trail as long as Facebook’s reach. Moving its new line of mobile phones over to Google’s Android OS, the INQ Cloud Touch is what all the rumours...

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    First Look: INQ Cloud Touch review

    By 9 February 2011

    The INQ Cloud Touch has been subject to rumour and gossip on a scale not normally seen for a small UK-based company with a portfolio – up until today – that only included two devices. Facebook is a big deal though and this is where the attention has...