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    HTC One X+ review

    By 30 October 2012

    The HTC One X+ arrives with a minor hardware refresh, and a sprinkling of software tweaks, keeping a design that we think is rather iconic and substantial. There will undoubtedly be some who say that the HTC One X+ is the phone the HTC One X should have...

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    HTC One X+ accessories: A few to get you started

    By 2 October 2012

    The HTC One X+ arrival and hands-on session was a chance for us to grab our usual Pocket-lint pictures of the latest smartphone in the Android-running HTC One series. Tucked away quietly, not so close to the limelight, was also a small smattering of a...

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    HTC One X+ pictures and hands-on

    By 2 October 2012

    The HTC One X+ is the new HTC flagship Android smartphone, but we sort of had wind of that some time ago here at Pocket-lint. None the less, the official announcement means we’ve had our hands on the device to find out exactly what it’s all about...

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    HTC One X Cushnie et Ochs limited edition pictures and hands-on

    By 5 September 2012

    HTC has unveiled a special, limited-edition version of its flagship Android handset, the HTC One X. The handset was specially designed to celebrate Cushnie et Ochs' new range. No, we have no idea what Cushnie et Ochs is either, it's a fashion thing,...

  • Phones 4.5 out of 5

    HTC One X review

    By 2 April 2012

    Headlining a new, simpler, HTC is the HTC One X. It leads the charge of a trio of handsets in the HTC One series and brings with it specs that are impossible to ignore. It is, perhaps, a defining phone for 2012, one of the first to arrive that offers...

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    HTC One X pictures and hands-on

    By 26 February 2012

    The HTC One X is HTC's new flagship Android smartphone. Just announced, we had the chance to play with the phones before launch and at the launch event at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, to bring you a quick review of the new superphone. In the...