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    Blue HTC One and blue HTC One Mini pictures and hands-on

    By 3 September 2013

    We first broke the news that HTCwould launch a blue HTC One in May. Now three months later HTC has made it official, launching not only a blue HTC One but also a blue HTC One mini ahead of IFA 2013. The new blue version, or should that be turquoise, of...

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    HTC One mini review

    By 26 July 2013

    The HTC One is an excellent handset, a device that puts the design of practically all other smartphones into the shade. For several months, it was the only handset that HTC had given us, as rumours swirled about a smaller model. Off came the covers and...

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    HTC One mini hands-on: Same great quality, smaller package

    By 18 July 2013

    The HTC One mini has been officially announced, bringing much of the HTC One love to a smaller, more compact, more affordable handset. The big brother is a fantastic Android device, but can the HTC One mini measure up? We got our hands on the new handset...