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    First Look: HTC HD mini review

    By 16 February 2010

    While many love the idea of a smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen, to most it's just too big. Perhaps realizing this, HTC has launched the HTC HD mini, a smaller Windows Mobile smartphone with a 3.2-inch display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Pocket-lint...

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    HTC HD2 review

    By 3 November 2009

    HTC knows how to steal the show. On the day that Microsoft "officially" unleashed Windows Mobile 6.5 on the world, HTC pulled the covers off the HD2, their flagship Windows Phone and one that leaves other Windows Mobile devices in its wake. HTC have a...

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    HTC HD2 - First Look review

    By 7 October 2009

    HTC isn't a company that's shy: over the past few years it has broken out from white label supplier to one of the most exciting and handset manufacturers in the smartphone sector. HTC is now synonymous smartphones, from Windows Mobile to Android and the...