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    HTC Jetstream pictures and hands-on

    By 14 September 2011

    When it comes to tablets, HTC has two. A 7-inch Gingerbread powered HTC Flyer, and the new 10-inch Honeycomb powered HTC Jetstream just announced in the US on AT&T. Keen to see how Honeycomb works on the new 10-inch model and what it looks like in the...

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    HTC Flyer review

    By 12 May 2011

    The tablet market is heating up and heating up fast. So what makes HTC think that it has what you need when it comes to a tablet? Some have called out some glaring spec shortcomings of the HTC Flyer. Can HTC overcome and weave its magic with HTC Sense?...

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    HTC EVO View 4G ditches HTC Flyer angelic look

    By 25 March 2011

    The HTC Flyer, first launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, was white, came with 3G capabilities and was to be made available in the UK some time in the summer. But that’s Europe. In America they like to be different. So the white HTC Flyer...

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    HTC Flyer: Hands-on

    By 15 February 2011

    The HTC Flyer picks up on HTC's now-familiar unibody design. That means the body is machined and formed from a single piece and then all assembled. The result, as we've seen on phones like the HTC Legend or HTC Desire HD, is a stunning smooth body that...