HTC Desire S

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    Red HTC Desire S hands-on

    By 15 June 2011

    White used to be the cool colour, but now red is making a break for it, and it’s not even Valentine’s Day. HTC has teamed up with Vodafone to create a red version of the company's recently released HTC Desire S. Wondering whether that red is a blood...

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    HTC Desire S review

    By 30 March 2011

    The HTC Desire was the phone of 2010. It got in early, was considerably better than the competition and by the end of the year was still very much holding its own against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S and the Apple iPhone 4. Fast forward a year and...

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    HTC Desire S hands-on

    By 15 February 2011

    HTC has announced the launch of the new HTC Desire S the follow up to the smash runaway success of 2010 - the HTC Desire and Pocket-lint's was invited to grab some hands-on time with the device before the company's press conference at Mobile World Congress...