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    APP OF THE DAY: Beyond Ynth HD and Xmas Edition review (Android)

    By 19 December 2011

    It's not uncommon for popular apps to roll out an update for Christmas, a special festive version to see you into the holidays with a bit of gaming cheer. They don't always make for the best apps, but when they're free, you can't complain too much. Of...

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    Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android pictures and hands-on

    By 14 November 2011

    Adobe is continuing to venture into the interesting world of apps with a new range of software for Android Honeycomb tablets, allowing them to work on photos away from their computer. The lead app in the new suite is Photoshop Touch which is, as the...

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    APP OF THE DAY - British Hills (Android)

    By 18 July 2011

    Even when we’re elbows-deep in the latest bit of technology, we’ve never been able to resist the call of the wild. Setting out into the wilderness and leaving the hum of modern technology behind you, cleanses the soul and refreshes the spirit.  But...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Swype 3.0 Beta review (Honeycomb)

    By 15 June 2011

    The Swype promo video was dramatic to say the least, if you haven’t yet watched it, head over here and take a peak, and remember it isn’t the trailer for the Hollywood blockbuster. The Honeycomb keyboard is reasonable, but offers you limited options...

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    Music Beta by Google hands-on

    By 26 May 2011

    Anyone who has used a Google product will know that they like to release software and services to the world long before for the beta tag is removed. Music Beta by Google is no exception and like many Google products, it begins life as an invitation only...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Plume for Twitter review (Android)

    By 25 May 2011

    Twitter has changed the way a lot of people interact with each other. It’s a communication channel for friends, colleagues, companies and celebrities. Twitter lets you get a little closer to the things you care about, and tell everybody about things...

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    Google Earth has a Honeycomb makeover

    By 6 May 2011

    Google has released a version of Google Earth for Android devices "to take full advantage of the large screens and powerful processors that this exciting new breed of tablets had to offer". The update brings support for 3D building renderings, a "fly...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Pulse review (Android Honeycomb)

    By 14 April 2011

    Some you might have an Android tablet in your hand, some of you might even have a Honeycomb tablet in your hands. We’re sure that by the end of the year many more of you will have a Honeycomb tablet. Of course you’ll be wanting to cut your way through...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Quickoffice Pro HD review (Android Honeycomb)

    By 1 April 2011

    Quickoffice is one of the world’s most popular office apps, having been downloaded 350m times, and is available on a number of devices including Android, Symbian, iOS and many more. It's now also available on Google’s Honeycomb flavour (Android 3.0)...