Heavy Rain

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    First Look: Sony PlayStation Move - PS3 review

    By 16 June 2010

    The Sony PlayStation Move is a set of two controllers that give you motion control gaming above and beyond what the console's current Sixaxis controller offers you and the chance to get into the game as if you were really there. Sound familiar? That's...

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    Heavy Rain - PS3 review

    By 18 February 2010

    Heavy Rain is everything Quantic Dream promised that it would be: a powerful, emotional, ground-breaking experience with stunning visuals and believable virtual actors. Gripping, moving, intelligent and visionary, it's the richest synthesis of game and...

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    Heavy Rain - PS3 - First Look review

    By 14 December 2009

    Heavy Rain, probably one of the biggest titles for Sony and its PS3 console in 2010, has just one problem - it doesn't fit into a standard genre. It's not a first person shooter, it's not a game that sees you play a member of a special ops team in hostile...