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  • Gadgets

    Sony HMZ-T3W head-mounted display hands-on: wearable tech takes a turn towards madness

    By 9 September 2013

    Space is at a premium in Japan, so we can see where the inspiration for the Sony HMZ-T3W head-mounted display came from. It's a headset that beams two 720p HD screens straight to your eyes as if staring at a 750-inch screen 20-metres away. It's also bonkers...

  • Gaming

    Turtle Beach Call Of Duty: Ghosts Spectre headset pictures and eyes-on

    By 18 June 2013

    Call Of Duty: Ghosts is on the horizon for its next-gen launch this year. But what's the ultimate multiplater game going to be like without the ultimate headset to chat to your friends (or, indeed, foes)? Fortunately Turtle Beach has got your back. The...

  • Audio

    Plantronics M1100 with Vocalyst pictures and hands-on

    By 7 November 2011

    Plantronics' latest Bluetooth headset is one that takes the simple take-and-make call function one step further - by integrating all of your communication channels at the touch of a button. And that's because the Plantronics M1100 comes with its new cloud-based...

  • Audio

    Samsung Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset hands-on

    By 29 March 2011

    If we were to ask you to describe a Bluetooth headset, you'd probably start by talking about a small funny-shaped object you stick in your ear when you’re driving, turning you in to a Borg-like creature. Samsung, perhaps realising that we don’t all...

  • Audio

    Jawbone Era hands-on

    By 11 March 2011

    The Jawbone line from Aliph have always been known for being compact, stylish and equipped with hardcore noise cancellation in the form of NoiseAssassin. The latest headset, the Jawbone Era, features NoiseAssassin 3.0, claiming eliminate more noise than...

  • Phones

    Jabra Stone2 hands-on

    By 18 February 2011

    There's a stack of budget Bluetooth headsets on the market today, and they all do a reasonable job. Indeed, Jabra even makes a fair few of them. However, those using their mobile device all day every day, and specifically while driving or using their...

  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    Creative Tactic 3D Sigma review

    By 30 November 2010

    Creative has long made soundcards, and therefore one would think that it knows what it is doing when it comes to making headphones too. So can the Creative Tactic 3D Sigma (a mouthful, but supposedly the last word when it comes to gaming headsets) be...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Plantronics Explorer 395 Bluetooth headset review

    By 25 June 2010

    Plantronics has released its latest entry-level Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics Explorer 395, which offers a simplified user experience aimed specifically at people that haven't used a Bluetooth headset in the past. And we have to say it was really...

  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Creative HS-930i headphones review

    By 14 May 2010

    The Creative HS-930i headphones are designed with the iPhone in mind - they even picture the iPhone on the box and the inclusion of an in-line mic and a control button make them appear to have everything the discerning iPhone owner would need. But do...

  • Phones 4.5 out of 5

    Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset review

    By 3 May 2010

    While phones are currently getting bigger, Aliph, the maker of the Jawbone line of Bluetooth headsets, is currently doing all it can to make its Bluetooth headsets even smaller. But does it still carry the same offering and power as the previous model?...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones review

    By 20 April 2010

    Bowers & Wilkins struggle not to blow you away. From the most lust-worthy speakers, through to the design statement that is the Zeppelin iPod dock. The P5 step into the limelight knowing that audiophiles are going to be peering very closely at them. It's...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Sennheiser MM 450 Bluetooth headphones review

    By 8 April 2010

    The Sennheiser MM 450 headset packs in buckets of technology offering up pretty much everything you could look for in a headset. It can be wired, wireless, with or without noise cancellation and they fold-up too. Could these be the ultimate headphones...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Jabra Clipper Bluetooth headset review

    By 31 March 2010

    The Jabra Clipper is a twist on the traditional Bluetooth design, aimed more at those who want to use it for music than those who are just looking for handsfree calls on their mobile phone. As the name suggests, the Clipper takes the form of a clip, the...

  • Gaming 2.5 out of 5

    Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset review

    By 15 March 2010

    14 million people across the world subscribe every month to World of Warcraft - a massively-mulitplayer online role-playing-game set in the world of Azeroth. That's more than the population of Greece. As a result, there's a growing market of devices targeted...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth headset review

    By 3 February 2010

    If you're someone who regularly finds themselves driving, or cycling, or skiing, or cooking, or cleaning, or doing anything - for that matter - which requires your hands and at least a portion of your concentration, then you'll know the value of a Bluetooth...