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  • Apps

    Video review: Pocket-lint goes shooting with ear-defending GunSonics iPhone app

    By 3 December 2013

    Apart from all the more obvious problems with firearms, one that you might not have thought about is how long-term use of a gun for sport or hunting hurts your hearing. If you shoot for competition, sport or other reason, then you might find that you're...

  • Gaming

    US Army certified gaming guns and gear hands-on

    By 16 January 2012

    The US Army has officially endorsed a range of gaming peripherals as produced by CTA Digital. Leading the pack at CES 2012 was the US Army Elite Force Assault Rifle for PlayStation 3 & Move, as pictured. It is modelled bump for bump on the genuine assault...

  • Online

    Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 pictures and hands-on

    By 31 October 2011

    Remember sitting in class, chewing up a piece of paper to then blow through a straw? Essentially, this is the same thing. The Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 is a blot operated pump action sniper spitball gun. Lifting the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 from the...