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  • Customisable Christmas: Personalised headphones

    Customisable Christmas: Personalised headphones

    By 23 November 2012

    Looking for a Christmas present? Stop right there! Of course you are. This year, dispense with the last-minute, aimless cruising of Liberty’s beauty halls until some assistant shoves the right nicely bottled cream under your nose. Instead, grab a gift...

  • Best gadgets for kids

    Best gadgets for kids

    By 9 August 2011

    While children growing up 50 years ago might have been happy with a set of Bayko, a spinning top or a hobby horse; the kids of today are almost as savvy as adults when it comes to gadgets which is only too evident the moment they get hold of an iPad or...

  • Griffin MyPhones headphones for children   review
    Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Griffin MyPhones headphones for children review

    By 11 November 2009

    There are plenty of headphones available, some good, some bad. But when was the last time you saw a pair aimed at younger children? That's the plan with the Griffin MyPhones, a set of headphones that are aimed at the little angels in your life. But do...

  • Griffin MyPhones headphones for children launch

    Griffin MyPhones headphones for children launch

    By 17 September 2009

    Griffin has launched headphones for children - the MyPhones - that have a maximum volume limit to "protect young ears". The MyPhones cap volume at 85 decibels, apparently the maximum sustained volume level as recommended by regulatory agencies. In addition,...