Burton Gore-Tex authentic denim jeans and Jacket
4 out of 5

Burton Gore-Tex authentic denim jeans and Jacket

By 25 June 2007

Jeans are great aren’t they? Staple of your wardrobe, but they carry one major flaw; get them wet and they are a bugger to deal with. So what's the solution? Waterproof them with Gore-Tex of course. That's exactly what Burton, the snowboarding firm,... >>

Pop-A-Post portable goal posts

Pop-A-Post portable goal posts

By 22 June 2007

Deviously clever, this black and white ball of gadgetry transforms into two goal posts for your footie-in-the-park sesh. No more jumper-for-goalposts when the Pocket-lint team go down the rec for a lunchtime kickabout. £9.99, link below. >>

SIS want you in bed with Nocté

By 31 March 2006

The people at SIS - Science in Sport - have long been filling sports bottles of budding athletes. Now they want you to take them to bed as well. That's right, it's Nocté time. Yes, it sounds like a coffee, but it's actually something to help you recover... >>

Gore redefines the notion of comfort for outdoor activities

By 30 March 2006

Gore-Tex has always been recognised as a market leader in outdoor fabrics, providing protection from the elements with breathability. New Comfort Mapping technology builds on that reputation, with the needs of different parts of the body catered for with... >>