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    New Google Maps: We explore the features of the preview

    By 22 May 2013

    At Google I/O one of the most exciting developments was the reworking of Google Maps. Both online and on mobile devices. With maps being ubiquitous now, it's easy to forget that the old version has a few annoying bugs that make it difficult to use. Now...

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    Here Maps by Nokia for Android pictures and hands-on

    By 14 November 2012

    The Android platform already has a successful mapping system in the form of Google Maps, so will Nokia's Here Maps service - announced as coming to Android in the first quarter of 2013 - have enough impact to disrupt current users' map preferences? Pocket-lint...

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    Google Maps 5 explored

    By 17 December 2010

    Google Maps 5 has just been released to the Android Market, meaning you can scurry out and update your Google Android devices. This isn’t just an incremental update but one that brings in a whole new range of features, as we told you when it was previewed...