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    Hands-on: AnyGlove review... Turn any glove into a touchscreen glove

    By 1 March 2013

    Firebox has introduced AnyGlove to the UK, a liquid that, when applied to any pair of gloves regardless of material, turns them into capacitive touchscreen gloves. You will be able to text and control your smartphone or tablet using your own favourite...

  • Gadgets

    Agloves hands-on

    By 2 February 2011

    Unless you’re reading this in sunnier climes, it’s cold outside. So cold that you’ve been forced to stop using your phone when you’re out and about for fear of your fingers falling off. If that sounds familiar, don’t panic, it’s a problem...

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    North Face Etip gloves hands-on

    By 2 February 2011

    It's cold, the snow is blowing in your face, and you’re waiting for your train to appear, even though it’s been telling you that it’s coming in 5 minutes, for the last 20. The problem is that while you’ve been waiting you’ve grown bored and...