More Gizmondo re-launch details revealed

More Gizmondo re-launch details revealed

By 12 May 2008

It's been a little while since we've heard any more news snippets about the second coming of the Gizmondo handheld gaming platform, but an interview with Carl Freer, the man behind Gizmondo and its relaunch, has just been published on a fan site. It seems... >>

Gizmondo to relaunch in 2008?

Gizmondo to relaunch in 2008?

By 23 January 2008

Is the Gizmondo handheld games console to make a return to the market in 2008? A new teaser site certainly suggests this is the case. The timing for this news to emerge seems a little on the suspicious side considering that Ferrari-smashing former Gizmondo... >>

Gizmondo lost £140 million in just 9 months

By 21 February 2006

Following our reporting on “Gizmondo Europe goes into liquidation” earlier in the month, more details have come to light as to just how much trouble the games company got itself into. According to the Begbies Traynor and David Rubin & Partners, joint... >>

Gizmondo Europe goes into liquidation

By 7 February 2006

Launched in March last year against competing models from Nintendo and Sony, the owners of the Gizmondo handheld games console that promised a host of features including GPS and a digital camera alongside a state of the art games console has gone into... >>

Gizmondo running into financial difficulties

By 17 January 2006

It was tipped to be the David to Sony and Nintendo's Goliath, but the company behind the Gizmondo handheld console looked to be in financial trouble following poor sales in the UK and America. Latest accounts for Gizmondo Europe reveal that the company... >>

Gizmondo gets launch date in US

Gizmondo gets launch date in US

By 6 October 2005

Struggling handheld games console Gizmondo will get its American launch in time for Christmas according its co-founder and Chairman Carl Freer. Tiger Telematics, the company that makes the console has confirmed its USA release date as the 22 October 2005.... >>

Gizmondo goes widescreen

Gizmondo goes widescreen

By 19 September 2005

The Gizmondo handheld hasn't even launched in the States yet, however Tiger Telamatics has released plans of its second generation widescreen model due to be launched next year. According to the company, the new widescreen version will be sold alongside... >>

Gizmondo launch delayed in America

Gizmondo launch delayed in America

By 8 August 2005

American's hoping to get their hands on a Gizmondo games console at the end of the week will be disappointed to hear that Tiger Telematics, the owner of the console has pushed back the launch until October citing delays with GPS software and functionality.... >>

Gizmondo states 89 games in development

By 7 April 2005

In an attempt to boost flagging opinions of the Gizmondo handheld (see our review here), its owners have announced 89 games are in development, including titles from Microsoft, Disney Buena Vista, Ubisoft, Team 17 amd Fathammer. Many of these new titles... >>

Gizmondo handheld console
2 out of 5

Gizmondo handheld console

By 6 April 2005

I want to be nice, no really, I do, and I want to like the Gizmondo, because it's brave for an independent company to try and launch a mobile games device at the same time as Nintendo and Sony are slugging it out over mobile market supremacy. I'll praise... >>