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  • Tablets

    Fujitsu ultrasonic haptic tablet pictures and hands-on

    By 24 February 2014

    Fujitsu likes to show off the future of its technology by displaying the cutting edge developments - not due out anytime soon - at Mobile World Congress. We stopped by to see its latest ultrasonic haptic feedback technology that was unveiled today at...

  • Phones

    Orange Fujitsu Stylistic S01 pictures and hands-on

    By 1 March 2013

    In Japan, Fujitsu has built a healthy user base of older phone owners, first with its feature phones and then with its first Android handset, which it called the Raku Raku Smartphone ("Raku Raku" meaning "easy-to-use"). Now it is to bring the device...

  • Phones

    Fujitsu Gesture Keyboard for tablets and smartphones works from existing camera

    By 1 March 2013

    Fujitsu used the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona to show off a tablet keyboard concept that makes do without the keyboard itself. A couple of years ago, Pocket-lint told you about the Light Touch projector that turned any desktop into a...

  • Gadgets

    Fujitsu GPS walking stick pictures and hands-on: Next-generation cane

    By 27 February 2013

    Alongside its ranges of mobile phones and tablet devices, Fujitsu dedicated part of its Mobile World Congress 2013 stand in Barcelona to future technologies - concepts that are still in the planning phase but are definitely being developed with an eye...

  • Phones

    Fujitsu quad-core smartphone pictures and hands-on

    By 27 February 2012

    It may not have a name yet but this Fujitsu quad-core monster is certainly going to be one of the heavy hitters of MWC 2012. And that's because not only is it powered by a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with quad-cores running at 1.5GHz (plus the ninja one...

  • Phones

    Fujitsu Arrows 6.7mm thick phone pictures and hands-on

    By 9 January 2012

    If you thought the Motorola RAZR was a thin phone you clearly haven't seen the Fujitsu Arrows phone launched in Japan in December, but on show at International CES 2012 in Las Vegas for the rest of the world to see.  Claimed to be the "world's thinnest...

  • Online

    Fujitsu K: World's fastest supercomputer eyes-on

    By 7 October 2011

    Over in Japan at CEATEC, Fujitsu was showing off the K supercomputer, the fastest ranked computer in in the world. Back in June, the Fujitsu K dethroned China's Tianhe-1A machine to take top spot. It is, in fact, more powerful than the rest of the top...

  • Phones

    Fujitsu Loox F-07C: Windows 7 PC / smartphone hybrid pictures and hands-on

    By 4 October 2011

    Back in July, Fujitsu detailed the Windows 7-powered Loox F-07C and Pocket-lint has managed to get up close and personal with the device over in Tokyo, where it is now available. Now, we know what you're thinking - that we've made a typo in that opening...

  • Phones

    Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T: First Windows Phone 7.5 handset pictures and hands-on

    By 3 October 2011

    HTC Titan stand down, Samsung Omnia W step aside, there's only one handset that can lay claim to being the first ever Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango, device and it's the Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T - a smartphone born out of a partnership between the two Japanese...

  • Laptops

    Fujitsu Lifebook TD40/D hands-on

    By 1 June 2011

    Prior to Intel's Computex presentation about its future plans for tablets and netbooks, Pocket-lint spotted that several new devices could already been seen at the the company's booth before hand. And one device that caught our eye was Fujitsu’s Lifebook...

  • Laptops 3 out of 5

    Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 notebook review

    By 5 April 2010

    The iPad is not the only tablet. Of course, Microsoft had invested in a touchscreen laptop interface way before Apple did, it just never took off. Maybe now the iPad is rolling out, interest in Windows touchscreens will flourish. Mind you, at £999, this...

  • Online 4 out of 5

    Fujitsu HandyDrive 500GB hard drive review

    By 25 September 2008

    10 years ago the need to carry around 500GB of storage in your pocket wasn't really a requirement for your average computer user. However with video files, images and a plethora of other multimedia assets, Fujitsu think that its 500GB handy drive will...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox c550 PDA review

    By 10 April 2006

    Sometimes you don't want an all singing all dancing PDA come Smartphone with its QWERTY keyboard and built-in mobile phone. You want to keep things simple. In steps the Loox c550 the latest PDA from Fujitsu-Siemens, a PDA that offers all the basics without...

  • Phones 4.5 out of 5

    Pocket LOOX N520 PDA review

    By 2 March 2006

    You can buy a N520 complete with bundled Navigon Mobile Navigator 5 satnav for £345, which is excellent value if you like that software solution. However, the four digit postcode entry and far too busy mapping interface mean that we don't. Buying the...

  • Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    Fujitsu fi-5110EOX2 ScanSnap Scanner review

    By 8 June 2005

    Looking rather like Fujitsu have gutted a batch of bubblejet printers, ScanSnap brings new technology to a familiar package, and although the model number is longer than that of a Star Wars robot, this is the third iteration of this device. This latest...