Swiss develop fuel-efficient aircraft

Swiss develop fuel-efficient aircraft

By 10 April 2007

If you're hoping to escape road congestion it might not be long before you'll have your own aircraft. A group of Swiss aeronautical designers have successfully flown their Hyfish prototype after five years of development. With plans to begin work on a... >>

Suzuki unveil fuel cell-powered wheelchair

Suzuki unveil fuel cell-powered wheelchair

By 6 November 2006

Suzuki has unveiled a wheelchair powered by fuel cell technology that uses methanol as a fuel source. Designed to be swift on its wheels, the wheelchair is fairly compact at 1200mm long, 650mm wide, and 1000mm tall. Its tank holds about 4 litres of fuel,... >>

Fuel-Cell GMs On The Way - by 2015

By 18 September 2006

General Motors says it will have a fuel-cell vehicle in production by 2015 at the latest. Ailing car giant GM - owners of Saab, Vauxhall, Chevrolet and more - will use some of the $9 billion it is saving from various cost-cutting measures such as plant... >>