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  • Facebook Questions now answering to all

    Facebook Questions now answering to all

    By 25 March 2011

    Facebook has opened up its Questions service to its 500 million+ members, bringing the end to a beta trial that has been rolling on since July last year. Facebook's answer to Yahoo's question service has the premise of engaging the collective intelligence...

  • Facebook Questions gets beta trial

    Facebook Questions gets beta trial

    By 29 July 2010

    Facebook is hoping to engage the collective intelligence of the web in order to answer some of the world's most sought after questions. Facebook Questions, which the social networking giant has launched to a limited number of users in a beta trial, will...

  • Facebook testing Questions product?

    Facebook testing Questions product?

    By 13 April 2010

    Facebook users are reporting seeing something new on their homepage - a section titled "Questions" that allows users to ask and answer inquiries from other users. It looks a lot like Yahoo Answers - one user posts something they want to know, and other...