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    Evernote Smart Notebook pictures and hands-on

    By 8 April 2013

    Evernote has collaborated with Moleskine to produce the rather clever Smart Notebook. Designed to help you catalogue and store any written notes you might have, the book promises to change the way we jot things down. It isn't without its faults and the...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Evernote Food review (iOS & Android)

    By 27 December 2012

    Evernote has turned its rather obsessive hand to the world of food. The result is a fantastic way to log everything you eat and cook. So how does Evernote Food work? Building on the clever system already established by Evernote's standard app, it allows...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Springpad review

    By 9 February 2012

    Evernote is not the only note taking service. If you’ve never got on with the green-look super-program that is, then today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is definitely worth a try. For a start, you can change the background to one of a huge variety...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Evernote for WP7 review (WP7)

    By 21 June 2011

    We have featured the wonders of Evernote before on Pocket-lint, however we thought that its recent appearance on the Windows Phone 7 platform deserved giving it a second look. Its launch has seen much anticipation and apart from a couple of early bugs,...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Evernote

    By 13 September 2010

    Brilliant ideas only happen once in your life. You may have many of them but the likelihood is that each one will only occur to you a single time. If you don’t record it when the brainwave hits, you could miss it. So, for all those out there sick of...