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  • Gaming

    Titanfall preview: First play of Beta - Attrition, Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing modes (video)

    By 12 February 2014

    Behold the game of 2014. Titanfall has been lauded by eager praise ever since its non-playable debut during the E3 trade show last June. And with each public outing since, the admiration has grown ever larger by those who have been lucky enough to...

  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    Battlefield 4 review

    By 1 November 2013

    Like the annual FIFA and PES footie games war, it’s now the turn of first person shooters to fight it out, headed up by Battlefield 4. The annual atrocity exhibition this year kicks off with EA’s Battlefield 4, a title destined to bring joy to millions...

  • Gaming

    Command & Conquer preview: We go hands-on with the free-to-play reboot

    By 27 August 2013

    Many of the more recent Command & Conquer games have failed to live up to our lofty expectations. There was a time when the franchise was so massive and so popular that not only was every new game received in the same way a Call of Duty might be these...

  • Gaming

    The Sims 4 preview: Hands-on with character creation, eyes-on with build features and gameplay

    By 23 August 2013

    The Sims games may not appeal to everyone, but there is no doubting their worldwide success. Now The Sims 4 is in development and Pocket-lint got the chance to be taken through some of the gameplay aspects, the all-new house building tools and even dabbled...

  • Gaming

    Titanfall Gamescom 2013 preview: We finally get a chance to go hands-on

    By 21 August 2013

    At every video games exhibition or conference there is always a game that is like Breaking Bad, in that those who have seen it won't shut up about it. At Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, that game is Titanfall. While it was officially announced at E3...

  • Apps

    Ultima Forever - Quest for the Avatar iPad and iPhone preview

    By 12 July 2013

    Originally designed as a massive, sprawling PC game, Ultima Forever - Quest for the Avatar fits better with iPad and iPhone. Not only is the multiplayer game easy to dip in and out of when you're on the bus, but its controls suit a touchscreen so perfectly...

  • Gaming

    FIFA 14 Xbox One, PS4 preview

    By 17 June 2013

    A couple of weeks ago, thanks to a hands-on session at EA's UK office, Pocket-lint played a 65 per cent finished build of the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 14. And we loved it. There are plenty of new features which yet again raise the bar for the annual footy...

  • Gaming

    FIFA 14 preview

    By 6 June 2013

    You would think that as last year's FIFA 13 was such a massive leap forward for the perennially favourite franchise that there would be nowhere to go for FIFA 14. You'd be wrong as, thanks to a good couple of hours of playtime with the latest addition...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    SSX review

    By 6 March 2012

    Of all the games we played on the PS2, it was SSX and SSX Tricky that swallowed up the most hours. We would pour away time flipping, grabbing and grinding in some of the best-designed tracks ever witnessed in a video game. But SSX got tired. Like Tony...

  • Gaming

    FIFA 12 iPad pictures and hands-on

    By 23 September 2011

    FIFA 12 iPad will turn your tablet into a football console game capable of making any iPhone owner weep tears of joy. First demoed at E3, FIFA 12 for the iPad will let you use the Apple device as a screen, while using a Bluetooth-connected iPhone or iPod...

  • Gaming

    Shadows of the Damned hands-on

    By 11 May 2011

    If there was one word to describe EA's forthcoming darkly humorous horror shooter, that would be "bonkers". Admittedly, thanks to Dizzy Rascal and a whole generation of teenagers and clubbers, it's an overused adjective at the moment, but never has it...

  • Apps

    APP OF THE DAY: Dead Space review (iPad 2 / iPad / iPhone)

    By 21 April 2011

    On the whole, the App Store is awash with cuddly, sweet, garishly coloured applications, featuring characters that you'd rather hug than dismember. And even when you're asked to commit some kind of genocide - usually on the pig population - they laugh...

  • Gaming

    Warp hands-on

    By 11 April 2011

    In the past, digitally-delivered games have often been overshadowed by their more expensive, boxed counterparts, yet anybody who's been following the titles appearing on XBLA and PlayStation Network lately will have seen some amazing games that can proudly...

  • Gaming

    Alice: Madness Returns hands-on

    By 8 April 2011

    American McGee is back, and he's brought Alice with him. Alice: Madness Returns is the long-awaited sequel to the strange and twisted take on Alice in Wonderland that was released at the end of 2000. Memorable for its inventiveness, beautifully gothic...

  • Gaming

    Portal 2 hands-on

    By 8 April 2011

    The original Portal was almost an afterthought, a bonus game for those who bought The Orange Box mainly for Half-Life 2 and its episodic extensions. However, the first-person puzzler was so addictive and ingeniously paced that it ended up overshadowing...