Electric bikes

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  • Sports Fitness 3.5 out of 5

    Smart electric bike review

    By 25 September 2013

    Pedalling through London on the Smart electric bike doesn't feel like riding a bicycle, it's more like gliding along on a two-wheeled spaceship. There's something almost more European about this ride: German-engineered, a little Dutch in appearance, the...

  • Gadgets 4 out of 5

    Gocycle electric bike review

    By 24 June 2010

    We first saw the Gocycle at the London Cycle Show and we've been living with one to see how the electric bike copes with the rigours of London commuting. Cycling has been gaining popularity for commuters in London as people look for an alternative to...

  • Sports Fitness 4 out of 5

    Ultra Motors A2B Metro electric bike review

    By 30 April 2009

    Ultra Motors have been considerate with the design of the A2B and rather than just slapping a hub motor and battery into an existing regular bike frame, they've made something altogether more appealing. With a chunky aluminium frame and the sort of front...