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  • EchoStar Freesat HDS-600RS review
    Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    EchoStar Freesat HDS-600RS review

    By 19 April 2011

    The Freesat audience may comprise Sky wobblers and value seekers, but that doesn’t mean they should be denied a little innovation to call their own. Enter the HDS-600RS, world’s first personal video recorder with integrated Slingbox. The brand responsible...

  • EchoStar SlingLoaded HDS-600RS hands-on
    Home Cinema

    EchoStar SlingLoaded HDS-600RS hands-on

    By 22 March 2011

    EchoStar, the company that owns Sling Media is launching a Freesat powered PVR in the UK to take on the likes of Humax, Sony, and Samsung. The new box, called the EchoStar SlingLoaded HDS-600RS will come with a 500GB hard drive letting you record around...

  • EchoStar to acquire Sling Media
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    EchoStar to acquire Sling Media

    By 25 September 2007

    Satellite television company EchoStar has announced a deal to acquire Sling Media for $380 million. Sling Media is the maker of the Sling Box, among other products, that lets users watch their home TV anywhere in the world via the internet. "As an early...