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    APP OF THE DAY: FIFA 12 review (iPad / iPhone / iPod touch)

    By 29 September 2011

    There are some things you can rely on 100 per cent. The jammy bit in a jam doughnut will always be at the other end of the bit you bite into first. The queue you're not in will be the fastest. And EA will release a new version of FIFA a month or two after...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Dead Space review (iPad 2 / iPad / iPhone)

    By 21 April 2011

    On the whole, the App Store is awash with cuddly, sweet, garishly coloured applications, featuring characters that you'd rather hug than dismember. And even when you're asked to commit some kind of genocide - usually on the pig population - they laugh...

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    APP OF THE DAY - R-Type (iPhone, iPod)

    By 9 August 2010

    Patience my Padawan learner, today's App of the Day isn't actually out on iTunes yet, so you won't be able to head over and download straight away. However, Pocket-lint was so excited by it when we managed to get a sneak peak last week, that we just had...