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    Hands-on: Dyson Cinetic DC54 Animal review

    By 17 January 2014

    Dyson ditched the bag, and now it's ditched the filter, but is it really that simple? We've been using the new Dyson Cinetic DC54 animal vacuum cleaner (£459) ahead of its official UK release to find out whether the new tech is worth the hype or whether...

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    Dyson Digital Slim DC59 review

    By 17 November 2013

    You reach for the sugar bowl, you miscalculate how far away it is, it goes everywhere. Damn. You go to the cupboard, get out the classic Hoover, look for a plug socket, have to no doubt clamber behind something, unplug something or go so far away that...

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    Dyson DC49 multi floor vacuum cleaner review

    By 26 July 2013

    Dyson has released an even smaller version of its multi-floor model, the Dyson DC49, and we've been cleaning our house for the last couple of weeks to find out whether it is any good. Can a smaller design, smaller bin, and digital motor still cope with...

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    Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool review

    By 5 July 2013

    One minute it is hot and sunny, the next it's cold and you're putting the heating on again. That's the British weather these days, but one gadget is trying at least give you a solution to your weather annoyances, offering you a cooling fan when you need...

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    Dyson Airblade Tap pictures and (clean) hands-on

    By 5 February 2013

    Dyson has unveiled its latest invention and it's not what many expected. Using the same form of Airblade technology as its hugely popular bathroom hand-dryers, plus a new supercharged motor, the British company has introduced a bathroom tap, the Dyson...

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    Dyson DC47 Multi Floor review

    By 6 December 2012

    The Dyson DC47 Multi Floor is the company's latest cylinder vacuum cleaner and promises to be more powerful, more efficient, and easier to use than previous models. But with the DC38 being very good, and not much changing in terms of size and weight,...

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    Dyson DC50 review

    By 30 November 2012

    Houses are getting smaller, our time is more precious, and yet we still have to do the vacuum cleaning. Something's wrong we agree, and it is something that Dyson wants to fix with two new vacuum cleaners; the DC50 and the DC47. The promise is this: a...

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    Hands-on: Dyson DC44 Animal review

    By 17 October 2012

    There's something about a Dyson that not many other vacuum cleaner brands can match. Not only does the British company's line-up look futuristic and modern, but its big boys' toys are also sufficient enough to get fellas to do housework. The Dyson DC44...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Dyson Balloon Game (iPhone)

    By 3 September 2012

    We don't always go for corporate games. When an app arrives very obviously pushing a brand, it's usually that case that it's marketing before app. It's usually poorly designed and boring On the odd occasion, we find ourselves drawn in and playing with...

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    Dyson DC 41 review

    By 22 February 2012

    Dyson continues to roll out, no pun intended, its new ball technology to the 2012 range of vacuum cleaners. The hope being you'll get your cleaning done even quicker than before. But is the Dyson DC41 - the new flagship model - up to the task, or is it...

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    Dyson DC38 Multi Floor review

    By 18 February 2012

    There will always be two camps over whether you should opt for an upright vacuum cleaner or a smaller based cylinder option and Dyson continue to make that decision harder and harder for you each year. Launching in 2012 is the Dyson DC38, a lightweight...

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    Dyson Hot pictures and hands-on

    By 22 September 2011

    Electric fan heaters are two a dozen, cheap as chips, and pretty much resigned to the shelves of DIY shops around the globe. They are an "in case of emergency" or "it’s too bloody cold" purchase. Not so, says Sir James Dyson. Dyson and his engineers...

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    Dyson DC35 hands-on

    By 13 May 2011

    Dyson's DC35 Multi Floor cleaner is a handheld vacuum with a lightweight floor-cleaning attachment that's designed to take up little room as possible without losing out on power. When Dyson offered to send one over for us to review we jumped at the chance...

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    Dyson City DC26 vacuum cleaner review

    By 11 February 2010

    Dyson is famed for its vacuum cleaners, but the biggest problem is that the Dyson offerings have always been big, really big. The Dyson DC26 aims to change that and has been specifically designed for "city dwellers that inhabit small spaces". In real...

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    Dyson Air Multiplier fan review

    By 18 November 2009

    Dyson's Air Multiplier made waves upon its release in October, promising a highly-efficient non-buffeting fan replacement, complete with the product design that Dyson has made its name on. But with that promise came a hefty price tag. Does the Air Multiplier...