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    APP OF THE DAY - BoxFiles for Dropbox review (Windows Phone 7)

    By 31 October 2011

    Windows Phone 7 has Skydrive for all its cloud backup needs, but what happens if you are a Dropbox user? Unfortunately there isn’t an official Dropbox app for WP7, but that hasn’t stopped the makers of BoxFiles for Dropbox using the cloud storage...

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    APP OF THE DAY - Dropbox (BlackBerry)

    By 22 September 2010

    App of the Day today is an addition to an old friend, so sit down, grab 20 seconds and find out what it is and how it's going to help your life.   Dropbox for BlackBerry       Format BlackBerry Price £Free Where BlackBerry App World   If you're...

  • Online 4 out of 5

    Pogoplug review

    By 9 February 2010

    As the world gets smaller, but our online one bigger, the need to share files with each others is growing at a fast pace. Cloud computing services like Dropbox are quick to get going and free to run initially, but can soon start costing you money...

  • Online 4.5 out of 5

    Dropbox review

    By 16 November 2009

    For the geeky, sharing files with the world or other devices is all done via the FTP that you've got for your website or blog. It involves a stack of complicated codes, faffing around with FTP software and generally an interest in computers and the way...