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  • HTC calls in Dr. Dre to help Beats the competition

    HTC calls in Dr. Dre to help Beats the competition

    By 11 August 2011

    You didn't forget about Dre did you? HTC certainly hopes not as it has announced that it is hooking up with Dr. Dre and his Beats branding to launch a line of handsets containing the audio tech. And the Taiwanese phone giant has also invested into Beats...

  • Best celebrity gadgets

    Best celebrity gadgets

    By 10 August 2011

    Celebrities have been endorsing products for years, including everything from Ronald Reagan appearing in Chesterfield cigarette ads (during his acting years, not his presidential terms), through to Kate Moss flogging mascara. But simply appearing in...

  • When Pocket-lint met Dr Dre

    When Pocket-lint met Dr Dre

    By 4 October 2010

    New York’s a long way to go for the sake 15 minutes, but when those 900 seconds are to be spent in the company of Dr Dre, it’s worth the trip. Waiting just inside the door of suite 503 of the St Regus Hotel on East 55th, Pocket-lint’s told that...