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  • Gadgets 3 out of 5

    Philips Disney Friends of Hue StoryLight Starter Kit review

    By 13 December 2013

    The Philips Hue smart bulb range, which enable you to control the lighting system’s brightness and colour output via your smartphone, is starting to expand and explore other possibilities. It’s more than just standard lights, now they even come with...

  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Disney Infinity Starter Pack review

    By 18 August 2013

    "You're a toy!" shouts Woody to Buzz Lightyear in the 1995 classic movie Toy Story, which stars toys that are alive - despite their young owners having no idea. It's one of those movies that touches upon the childhood imagination. Disney Infinity taps...

  • Apps

    App of the day: Where's my Mickey? review (Android/iPhone)

    By 25 June 2013

    There are some characters that are heavily woven into the history of popular entertainment. They a have a status that to some is sacrosanct, but to others, might be too much of a throwback. Mickey Mouse, you could say, sits in such a position. He's the...

  • Gaming

    Disney Infinity preview, can it beat Skylanders?

    By 14 June 2013

    If you've got kids of a certain age then you've more than likely heard of Skylanders from Activision. Skylanders is a game that merges the physical and virtual worlds by letting you bring a range of physical toys to life by placing them on a plinth that...

  • Gaming

    Disney Infinity pictures and hands-on

    By 28 January 2013

    First things first, let's get this out the way: Disney Infinity is not a Skylanders clone. Aside from the interactive figures, the game itself is an entirely different experience. Comparisons can obviously be made, but it's not until you see it in action...

  • Gadgets

    Disney Applingz for iPhone and iPod touch, interactive Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures and hands-on

    By 23 January 2013

    AppToyz, the company behind the famed AR toy AppBlaster for iPhone and Android (through AppBlaster v2), has branched out from its own smartphone and tablet gaming accessories into licensed products. A partnership with Disney will bring several new products...

  • Gadgets

    Disney's Wreck It Ralph turns London's Brick Lane into Augmented Reality playground

    By 13 January 2013

    Here's something you won't get to do every day: use a London building as the canvas for playing an Augmented Reality game reminiscent of Donkey Kong on your smart device. But that's exactly what Disney has made possible in the run-up to its UK cinematic...

  • Gaming

    APP OF THE DAY: Where's My Perry? review (Android/iPhone)

    By 9 July 2012

    It's always nice to see new levels added to an existing game, but the smart bucks are on creating a new game, within an existing, successful, format. If Swampy the Alligator is your best friend, then we've got good news for you. Perry the Platypus might...

  • Apps

    APP OF THE DAY: Where's My Water? review (iPhone/Android)

    By 13 January 2012

    Ah, the humble puzzle game. Well, it isn't so humble any more as games get more and more sophisticated on our mobile devices. Today we look at a big hit from a big studio. That's right, this game harks from Walt Disney, but don't be too eager to scream...

  • Online

    Amazon's top toy tips for Christmas 2011

    By 21 July 2011

    Like Hamleys, Microsoft, Hasbro, Currys/PC World and John Lewis before it, Amazon has held its Christmas in July event, showcasing all the gifts that it believes will not look out of place in Santa's bulging sack come the end of the year. And while there...

  • Gaming 3 out of 5

    Tron: Evolution review

    By 17 December 2010

    Personally, I blame Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Before Starbreeze's cult-classic FPS game, movie tie-ins were content to dish out a stream of levels which roughly replicated the plot of the film. You knew going in what you were going...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    Split/Second: Velocity - PS3 review

    By 25 May 2010

    You’ve got to love Split/Second: Velocity. While other, more po-faced racers are influenced by real motorsports, classic marques or the hip-hop styles of underground street-racing, Split Second’s key influences are the big dumb-ass action movies of...

  • Online 3.5 out of 5

    iDance Wall-E review

    By 18 July 2008

    As the latest Pixar movie hits the cinemas in the UK, so does a barrage of merchandise. So can the iDance wing its way into your heart as much as the movie is expected to? We got listening to find out. iDance Wall-E, like other movie tie-ins before it,...

  • Gaming 3 out of 5

    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Xbox 360 review

    By 26 June 2008

    So you've read the book, seen the film, and now want to immerse yourself in the video game, but is this just yet another poor movie tie-in? We get swashbuckling to find out. Set 1300 years after The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the Pevensie Children...

  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    Cars - DVD review

    By 6 December 2006

    John “Toy Story” Lasseter gets back behind the wheel after a 7 year absence for this high octane animation adventure set in the world of NASCAR racing. Owen Wilson plays Lightning McQueen, a cocky young racer on the verge of winning the legendary...