Digital Jesters


Crazy Frog coming to a PlayStation near you

By 4 July 2005

The annoying ringtone that somehow made it to number one is coming to a PlayStation near you. Digital Jesters will bring the game to the shops just in time for Christmas on the PlayStation 2 and PC so annoy us once again and the company is hoping that... >>

Trackmania Sequel receives green light

By 5 July 2004

Trackmania may have been a pleasant enough game harking back to Racing Destruction set on the C64- race the tracks as included then build your own and share. What would have been just a handy, family-friendly game became a slow-burning sleeper hit for... >>

Digital Jesters announces D-Day the computer game

Digital Jesters announces D-Day the computer game

By 6 June 2004

Following today's celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings, Digitial Jesters has announced that come August, gamers will be able to relive the action in D-Day the computer game for the PC. The Real Time Strategy game will be developed... >>

Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps - PC
2.5 out of 5

Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps - PC

By 2 March 2004

Real time strategy games have always been appealing to the vast majority of gamers. Not because the rules are normally simple to grasp, or the gameplay follows the age of format of chess, but because not matter what machine you use the likelihood is that... >>

Savage - PC
3 out of 5

Savage - PC

By 1 March 2004

A cross between a roleplaying game, real time strategy and a first person shooter, Savage is an interesting mix of genres, but one that won’t quite work for most people. The idea is simple. Take the fast paced action of the online multiplayer first... >>