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  • D-Link plans wi-fi extender for all networks

    D-Link plans wi-fi extender for all networks

    By 31 August 2005

    D-Link today announced the launch of the DWL-G710 Wireless Range Extender, what it believes will be a simple way to extend the reach of wireless networks with capacities of up to 54Mbps into your garden or simply around your house. The DWL-G710 facilitates...

  • D-Link DCS-5300g review
    Online 3.5 out of 5

    D-Link DCS-5300g review

    By 19 April 2005

    With wireless networks becoming increasingly common in the modern home, it’s not surprising that manufacturers are exploiting the situation with an array of toys and gizmos to plug in. D-Link has seen this gap in the market and produced the DCS-5300g...

  • D-Link ventures into gaming with the the DGL-4300 Wireless Gigabit Gaming Router

    D-Link ventures into gaming with the the DGL-4300 Wireless Gigabit Gaming Router

    By 5 April 2005

    D-link has announced that it will be venturing into the gaming arena with a new device aimed at eliminating latency. The new Wireless Gigabit Gaming Router, the DGL-4300 will cost £150 and be aimed specifically at the online gaming community and has...

  • Cameras

    D-link announce wireless internet camera

    By 6 May 2004

    D-link following hot on the heals of Linksys and other networking manufacturers has launched a wireless camera. The DCS-5300W is a stand alone product that will connect into a wired network to offer remote access when your not at home. Using MPEG-4 quality...

  • D-Link i2eye Videophone review
    Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    D-Link i2eye Videophone review

    By 14 November 2003

    When the film 2001: A Space Odyssey came to our cinema screens in 1968 Kubrick outlined the vision of communication via video phones. Since then companies have tried in vain to recreate the scene from the film. About seven years ago, we were introduced...

  • Cameras

    D-Link's i2eye Broadband Videophone streams local and long distance video calls to the TV

    By 2 November 2003

    Comment: D-Link have taken an interesting angle here and its refreshing to see that we don't have to use the broadband connection in the home with our computer everytime. In fact you could be as bold to say that in a few years time everyone will have...

  • Online

    D-Link take wireless connectivity to the Xtreme

    By 2 November 2003

    Comment: Making wireless connections can only be a good thing and the prices look good as well AirPlus Xtreme G Range reinforces Networking Vendors Position in the Wireless Sector D-Link, the leading manufacturer of networking solutions for the SoHo,...