Customisable Christmas archive

  • Customisable Christmas: Satnav accessories

    Customisable Christmas: Satnav accessories

    By 30 November 2012

    Motoring fans tend to get a touch left out at Christmas. Chances are, only the luckiest of the lucky will find a shiny new car outside their house on Christmas morning. For the rest, Pocket-lint has come up with a few ideas to bring a smile to the face...

  • Customisable Christmas: Laptop accessories

    Customisable Christmas: Laptop accessories

    By 28 November 2012

    A laptop already makes for pretty unbeatable gift to find in your Christmas stocking, but with Pocket-lint’s customisable Christmas we think you can go one better by coming up with something truly unique. Even if the gift's recipient is already sorted...

  • Customisable Christmas: Mobile phone accessories

    Customisable Christmas: Mobile phone accessories

    By 27 November 2012

    Every tech-lover will have something smartphone related on their wish lists this Christmas. A new phone is certainly an exciting thing to find in your stocking, but why not make it even more special? Customisable Christmas at Pocket-lint is all about...

  • Customisable Christmas: Sports accessories

    Customisable Christmas: Sports accessories

    By 26 November 2012

    Fitness fans might have a shiny new set of trainers waiting for them under the Christmas tree. Who knows, swimming trunks, socks or even a bike could be order of the day, it all depends what they have asked Santa for. Customisable Christmas at Pocket-lint...

  • Customisable Christmas: Personalised headphones

    Customisable Christmas: Personalised headphones

    By 23 November 2012

    Looking for a Christmas present? Stop right there! Of course you are. This year, dispense with the last-minute, aimless cruising of Liberty’s beauty halls until some assistant shoves the right nicely bottled cream under your nose. Instead, grab a gift...

  • Customisable Christmas: Tablet accessories

    Customisable Christmas: Tablet accessories

    By 22 November 2012

    The tablet is going to be top of many a Christmas list this year. An iPad mini or Nexus 7 is exciting, but why not throw in a few specially made accessories for your loved ones' presents? This being Customisable Christmas at Pocket-lint, we have just...

  • Customisable Christmas: Kitchen gadgets

    Customisable Christmas: Kitchen gadgets

    By 21 November 2012

    Kitchen gadgets have been around for a long time: clever bottle openers, funky knife blocks and colourful place mats all make great stocking fillers. But why not take a leaf out of Pocket-lint’s Customisable Christmas book and get a specially made kitchen...

  • Customisable Christmas: Digital camera accessories

    Customisable Christmas: Digital camera accessories

    By 20 November 2012

    Christmas Day for a camera fan - aside from the fact that Santa rarely surprises you with that Leica M9 you have always dreamt of - isn’t particularly exciting. Memory cards are order of the day, with the possibility of a few packs of printer paper...

  • Customisable Christmas: Gifts for gamers

    Customisable Christmas: Gifts for gamers

    By 19 November 2012

    Buying a gift for a gamer is not as easy as it might sound. They already have a games console and they'll have pre-ordered that AAA game title long before the tree has been bought or the turkey ordered. If you want to be canny this year, it's time for...