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Crysis 2   review
4 out of 5

Crysis 2 review

By 25 March 2011

Let’s kick off with the bad news: Crysis 2 is flawed. It has been streamlined and dumbed down in its transition to consoles, and the results will inevitably disappoint some fans of the PC-only original. The vast open jungles, swamps and icy wastes of... >>

Crysis 2 gets two special editions

Crysis 2 gets two special editions

By 19 August 2010

EA has confirmed that it will be launching two special edition versions of its first person shooter Crysis 2, due out in 2011. Fans of the game will be able to get the Crysis 2 Limited Edition and the Crysis 2 Nano Edition via pre-order. Both editions... >>

Crysis 2 - E3 quick play preview

Crysis 2 - E3 quick play preview

By 18 June 2010

Crysis had a massive following on the PC, so can a follow up sequel - which comes to the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles for the first time - continue to carry the torch? EA certainly hopes so, ensuring that it was shown in 3D at its E3 press conference and... >>