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    Intel Nikiski concept pictures and hands-on

    By 1 August 2012

    The Nikiski is a notebook concept from Intel, incorporating a transparent panel in the deck in place of the traditional touchpad and palm rest. It's a prototype designed to show where Ultrabooks could go in the future.  Unveiled back at CES 2012, Intel...

  • Cameras

    Sony see-through SLT alpha camera concept hands-on

    By 7 March 2011

    Sony first showed off its see-through SLT device last month at a trade show in Japan. And Pocket-lint has now been given a chance to get up close with the model that is expected to materialise into something a little more practical later in the year....

  • Phones

    NFC concept car hands-on

    By 21 February 2011

    A team up between Continental and NXP, has produced a concept car, shown at MWC this year, that showcased Near Field Communication (NFC) technology; highlighting how your mobile phone will enable you to interact with your car in new ways and ditch your...