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    C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray pictures and hands-on

    By 15 January 2013

    It’s not exactly exaggerating to say that a new Corvette doesn’t come along every day of the week. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that the new "C7" Corvette, which ushers back in the famous "Stingray" name too, is on the front of every US paper this...

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    Vauxhall Ampera pictures and hands-on

    By 19 September 2011

    Last week, Pocket-lint got its hands on the very first Vauxhall Ampera to hit UK shores. This is not the finished car, but it's pretty close to it. Aside from having its steering wheel on the wrong side, it gives a very complete feel for how the UK model...

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    Chevrolet Volt hands-on

    By 28 January 2011

    Talk about electric cars today repeatedly boils down to one issue: range. Regardless of the fact that the average person drives just 19 miles each day, today’s electric car’s 100 mile range means that sooner or later, driving an electric car is going...